There is something completely nebulous
That predated the world.
Tranquil, formless and solitary,
It persists as it provides,
Like some vast cosmic mother.
I can’t compartmentalize it,
So I just refer to it as “Tao.”

However, if I were forced to try to describe it,
I might call it great, all-pervasive, and far-reaching,
Something which comes from the origin of all things,
Penetrates everything,
And returns to the origin of all things.
It is the force of greatness which makes all great things greater:
Nature, the universe, earth, and leaders of men.

People often forget that there are entities greater than their leaders:
While leaders follow the laws of humanity,
Humanity follows the laws of the world,
The world follows the laws of nature,
Nature follows the laws of Tao,
And Tao follows itself.
Everything follows from this.

You may order or download The Tao Te Ching here.
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