A good traveler leaves no trace,
A good speaker leaves no doubt,
A good accountant needs no paper,
A well-locked door needs no barricade,
A well-tied knot needs no reinforcement.

The sage tirelessly supports those in need
Without stepping on the toes of others.
He helps all,
Without rejecting anyone, nor anything.
It takes a special kind of wisdom to act in this way.
For the truly good person, his goodness will never be exhausted.
By teaching those who are not yet in possession of beneficence,
And by sharing what he has with them,
He increases his own store of goodness.

However, a student who does not trust his teacher,
And who does not cherish his lesson,
Even if he is wise,
Will find himself no better off.
One cannot acquire anything
When one maintains no open place to put it.

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