That which is given a good foundation in Tao,
Cannot be knocked down.
That which deeply embraces Tao,
Cannot be torn from it.
Tao’s adepts are heirs to its homestead,
Just as children are kin to their clan.

When one cultivates Tao in his person,
His character will become genuine.
When one cultivates Tao in his family,
Its strength will become multiplied.
When one cultivates Tao in his community,
Its virtue will become long-lasting.
When one cultivates Tao in is country,
Its goodness will prosper.
When one cultivates Tao everywhere,
Its benefits will spread broadly across the world.

To get started,
Compare your person against other persons,
Compare your family against other families,
Compare your community against other communities,
Compare your country against other countries,
And compare your world with everything that has come before it.

How can one confirm that this method works?
Only through personal observation.
Don’t take my word for it.

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